Glen H. Roman


Decorative Concrete Technician


Glen Roman has worked in the decorative concrete industry for over adecade now sharing his skills in a variety of applications and techniques. Working for BRICKFORM, a leader in the decorative concrete industry, he was responsible for the majority of contractor training seminars that Brickform held across the country. His unique teaching methods and customer relationships have earned him a special place in the industry.


His unique job description has allowed him to travel extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, and internationally in the U.K., China, and Vietnam, giving presentations, along with onsite project support and training classes on decorative concrete.


He is best known in the decorative concrete industry for his in depth knowledge of sandblast stencil application and has co-written and appeared in numerous articles on the topic for magazines such as Concrete Construction, Concrete Decor, International, and PCA’s  guide to finishing concrete with color and texture.


In past years Glen has had the pleasure to be a key note speaker in the “World of Concrete” seminar program In Las Vegas alongside other instructors and teachers in the Concrete Industry such as Bob Harris, Tom Ralston, Gerald Taylor, and Steven Ochs.


Glen is currently the “Owner-Operator” of STAINTEC a decorative concrete services company that specializes mainly in Onsite Project Consultation & Installation Supervision along with personalized hands-on Contractor product training & Networking. Working to help Contractors & Homeowners better understand all the facets of installing decorative concrete


Most recently In 2010 Glen participated in the first of its kind  “Concrete Décor Show”–Spring training event in Phoenix AZ. as a guest speaker alongside Bart Sacco , another  well known pillar of the industry.  Giving a seminar  on “Introduction to Stamped Concrete”


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